Nerja Active Holiday

let’s get away from it all

Indemnification form to be signed up on arrival.

Indemnification form.

By signing this form, the undersigned (the "participant") accepts that neither Servizissimo c.b. nor their employees, guides and escorts can be held liable for any injury or damage of any kind, for material or immaterial damage including direct, indirect or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with participation in the activities during the Active Holiday Week Nerja organized by Servizissimo cb.

The undersigned (participant) is aware of the fact that participation in the Active Holiday Week Nerja and the by Servizissimo c.b. organized activities that are part of that, is for own account and risk.

It is participant's own responsibility that he / she receives an explanation / instruction before atending activities, pays attention during the explanation and attends the explanation. The participant is obliged to ask for explanation if this is not given - he / she has missed the explanation - he / she has not understood the explanation.

Participating in the activities organized by Servizissimo c.b. can be a strenuous activity. The participant must therefore be in a reasonable physical condition. It is the participant's own responsibility to assess whether or not he / she can participate. Alcohol and / or drugs are not permitted before and during an activity. The participant is responsible for following this.

In the event of reckless behaviour during participation in the Active Holiday Week Nerja, Servizissimo c.b. holds the participant liable for all damage suffered.

The pictures taken during the Active Holiday Week Nerja can be published by Servizissimo c.b. on their own website and / or own social media channels. If this is not desired, the participant must indicate this explicite before the start of an activity.
Servizissimo c.b. will carefully determine which pictures are suitable for publication.

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